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Are you looking for a high impact product to engage with your customers? Creating a custom plush stuffed animal is a proven way to reinforce your brand, generate revenue and to develop loyalty . Whether you are a charity, company or even a book author, we have the expertise and experience to make your concept to a reality!


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Custom Plush Process

Taking out the guess work

Step 1: Your Concept

Quatchi Illustration

Whether it's an illustration on a napkin or an image of your mascot from your logo, we can bring your idea to life!

Step 2: Initial Sample and Your Feedback

Too tall, too light, too gangly or just perfect? After we've created your sample you give us your feedback to make changes.

Step 3: Final Product

Our process is easy and takes out any guess work. We take care of production, child safety regulations and final delivery. All you need is your idea!